Bruce, thanks for asking. When you push or pull against a wall, you exert force against that wall. – 3rd, adjust suspension length. Distance: 17.75 If the hardware or soft good you purchase is “safety rated” at 300 lbs, than you should be fine. I read about the foot being about higher than the head so I did this using the suspension (letting out the head 6″ and tighten the foot 6″). Trying to find one to fit. Let me know if you have further questions. Let’s keep it friendly guys. Maybe enjoyed is too strong a word, since we hit record low temps (26F) for that weekend. Any decent calculator app is going to have trig functions, so people can make these calculations. I hope this makes sense. Smaller hammocks that are about 9 ft long will probably work but the attachment point will be right at the limit. Distance: 17.75 If the stand were taller you could use it for both hammocks without changing the stand but simply changing the hang point. I just tried to use it on my Nexus 6P (Android) and it says my resolution isn’t supported and won’t work. And for those who are interested, ENO actually has 3 hammock stands coming soon, which is really cool! For lounging, you can get by with the struts at thee minimum hang distance for your hammock, around 10 to 11 ft. This is an interesting request that I’m considering when updating the app. Now you can calculate L by imposing that y is the height between the lowest and the highest point and you get L=y/(tan(alpha)/2)^2. By the way, you should do the calculations with the catenary equation y=L cosh(x/L), it would give you more accurate results. […] can buy online once you’ve found a style of hammock or hanging chair that you like. Am I reading that correctly? 15 years, so far, so good. Has this app been abandoned or is it just un-updateable? Does it now work with the latest android phone software? Holidays are pulling me away. Is it still available? As the horizontal component in one suspension cord has to remain the same as in the other (or the hammock will start moving) this also means the angle between the suspension cords and the horizontal plane will change. So which angle and/or rule is best??? Angle: 44 You’ll need a solid piece of wood or ceiling joists to attach your hammock to so it can safely hold your weight. Correct. I was thinking on using a 2 x 4 long enough to reach two studs (between 16 in and 24 in) placing it horizontally. Sorry, I’m a hammock newbie. Probably the most classic way to set up a hammock is between two trees. How to Hang a Hammock on a Stand. This throws some folks off because it doesn’t seem to make sense that if I weigh 100 units, each side of the hammock suspension is also bearing 100 units. I bet someone in the community would be willing to help develop it for free. Create a new space with InCord custom loft nets and hammocks. 🙂. The issue has been supporting all the different device resolutions. Distance Between Anchcors 457 cm Made me smile/chuckle. I wasnt complaining, just trying to figure out a solution. The calculation is simple trigonometry, but I agree that forces can get complicated. Thank you for responding. For example, a small pebble that weighs a few grams can exert more force than its weight if it is swung in a circle, say, in a sling. Ideally the hammock handles should be approximately 11ft 6in (3.5m) apart and 6ft (1.8m) high giving the hammock a nice loose curve. You need to measure the overall length of the hammock, including the clew and steel ring. Swinging in the hammock will add more force. Cheers, thanks for the work and the book!Fab. We don’t want to use the suspension straps, just the clips on the hammock when we hang them in our pergola. My wife said this was better for her she has a bad back. The average hammock needs up to fifteen square feet of space with double hammocks taking up near to twenty square feet. Hmm, that doesn’t make sense. Or maybe I just need to go with what you said. How can I download that hammock calculator as a jpeg ? Currently, the hang point is not editable because it is a result of the hang angle you want, the sit height, and the distance between anchors. Just bought a few 13′ hammocks for the kids to lounge on in the backyard. I could not imagine that I could unexpectedly break a steel hook (would expect signs of stress to show before failure) BUT when it comes to suspending myself from the wall, I’d prefer not to be stupid. You have been offered a refund. Love the app. Also, one other question. And as a family tent camping just works out. I assume it will stretch over time. Public Parks are generally the most realistic place to make this happen. The suspension is what attaches to the hammock and spans and distance to the anchor point. I would use a set of the ENO wall anchors and then use a short cord loop where you could connect your hammock. I just need some time. They typically range from 1.5-2 inches wide and are made of polyester or polypropylene. Strap length (includes rope and hardware): 56 I’m working on updating the app this summer. I just uninstalled it and re installed it and i keep getting the same code as above. Ahhh, so much better! I’ve bought the app and have a suggestion for the user interface – can you make the number boxes active so we can tap on them and change the number? Seems there have been some issue’s with the android app. Thanks for your time! When I sketch it out on a piece of paper, it seems to make sense. The app work great and I like it. been having trouble figureing out my ridgelne length but this gave me a good place to start tyvm. So what should the input be for a HH EXPED ASYM? I would guess that would change the dynamics of the whole calculator if a fixed ridgeline is installed on the hammock. The other thing I want is the ability to use my tarp, so a pergola that has an inner distance of 12 ft is ideal. Now that I have retired and am at the older years, I have been considering how to put a hammock on my back patio. The app link for the calculator does not work. First is the weight, or the vertical force. Was there something else you wanted to know? Being light and compact hammock is much more easier to store rather than other sitting furniture like bean bags, chairs or eggs hammocks. At 30-degrees, the horizontal force is roughly the same force as the downward force. I’m not sure if I’m understanding clearly, so let me restate. How much space do I need to hang a hammock? Does the calculator only work if the hammock is slung exactly in the middle of the supports ? I don’t think you have to add the force and its counterforce. Please email me directly so we can coordinate a good time. We want to try some short overnight camping trips this year but do not like sleeping on the ground anymore. It will be too small for most hammocks. It was an oversight. With a hammock that has a clew, is it part of the hammock length, or suspension length? It is specific hardware that has issues. If I’m hanging outdoors, even in my yard, I like to have room for a tarp so I can sleep and be protected from the elements. Any suggestions as to how to maybe make the short Hammock work in the Vario so I could swap out the 2 different Hammocks without re-sizing the vario? Thank you so much! Should I consider the webbing part as the suspension length? If there are two hang points, how can each one be carrying the full weight? I’m trying to hang two hammocks in one room, to resemble a bunk bed, a bunk hammock, I guess, but would like to divide the force of each hammock between two studs, just to be on the safe side regarding the structure of the building. Manufacturers are required to list the ratio they used on the gear. They do not factor into the suspension length per se. […] to flip in a well designed hammock, feel free to toss and turn as much as you want. Dimensions below are specified for wall installation, however if your space is rather large you can use a ceiling or roof. | Hammock Centre, Relax 101 - Perfecting the Art of Hammocking - Nikki Fogden-Moore, D = Distance between trees Otherwise neat and easy to understand calculator. Hammock straps are often given a safety factor of 4:1 or 5:1, so the weight you see is the working load limit. This is a very handy calculator. Preferred sit height If you weigh 100 units, than each side would share 50 units of vertical force. […] the hang calculator to determine the hang […], […] Hammock Hang Calculator | The Ultimate Hang […]. If you try to hang a 13-foot hammock between a 6-foot span, the hammock will have to be hung very high and it would have a very deep sag. can’t get into the program. Start by drilling holes for the mounts or hooks that should’ve come with your hammock and screw them into the ceiling. 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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Now after having had my head done in, I’m gonna do as the Mayans did all that time ago, risk happily falling to earth as Icarus did and simply string up the beast and head to the sun! This give me an anchor point of 225cm high. ), would be one way to check. A simplified answer (with some math if you’re interested): Each suspension line must produce an upward (vertical) force of half the hammock’s weight in order to hold it up. I suspect something else is wrong with your numbers. Without any weight in the hammock, the optimal height of the hammock ends from the floor is about 67 inches or 5.75 feet. In Newtonian physics, you’d draw two perpendicular force vectors, Fv and Fh, which form the legs of a right triangle, and the tension would be the sum of those forces, the hypotenuse of the triangle, along the suspension line of the hammock. and it solves this problem of mosquito’s in spades! The problem that plagues me is that the Android platform shifts so much that even when we got a stable release within months several variants “broke” the code and it wasn’t a good experience. The calculator doesn’t account for dynamic issues such as this. After the cotton hook latches to the bolt on the wall, the webbing begins immediately… how should I use the app in this case? In my testing, I’ve found that longer, wider hammocks benefit from a deeper sag (about 45° or so) thus giving you a more dramatic diagonal. You will have the hammock hanging at a 45-degree angle from one wall to the next one, besides a corner, so the hammock forms a triangle with the corner of the wall. The total length of the hammock when lying flat on the ground is 145 inches. Is there a way to make a hammock fit in this space or a short hammock made for smaller spaces such as this? For casual lounging any hammock labeled “double” will do, but they won’t be cozy for sleeping long term unless you both like conjoined sleeping. share. Adam, I wish I had a better answer for you. You may have to experiment a bit outdoors to find your perfect angle and distance. Sorry to be a pain, but your explanation of the division of the forces on the suspension lines I don’t quite get. 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If that doesn’t help, send me an email and we will work with the developer. You are correct. Hopefully a universal app will be available for Android and iOS. Perhaps the problem is that the calculator does not consider a distributed load?? My rain fly is 10' ️10' larger enough to cover the hammock. Why does this web calculator uses 86,6% instead of the 83%? Were you able to come up with anything or am I using your calculator incorrectly? Thanks so much for everything, you’re so much help. You can’t lock both, it doesn’t work. […] the ultimate hang har ogsÃ¥ en glimrende side med mye god informasjon og ikke minst den fiffige – hammock hang calculator. Q2: How do I determine my ridgeline dimension? To hang a hammock on a small balcony, you will need to decide where you will hang the hammock first, whether it’s from the railings or the walls. This additional force would then need to be added to the suspension line forces, but only if the ridgeline is attached on the lines below the hang points. Is there an easy fix for this. Cord Tension [Is my supplemental cord for additional suspension strong enough?] I assume the above only applies if the suspension length required is even at each ends, if not, the different heign anchor points are required…Correct? Hammock Length: 112 (end to end of nylon. We hung both of our hammocks in this Nube’ (tarp system they have created) and loved everything about it! They have rope strings that have the loop. Your web app is done entirely in JavaScript and can be used offline once loaded. Thank you for all you do for the community!!!! From the baseline, you could drop the head end lower, or raise the foot end higher as both achieve the same result. Consider the material your hammock is made with for its stretch potential and the amount of weight you will put on that type of material. Thanks Van. Thank for putting this cool tool up! Great Stuff 🙂 The other problem is that the stand flexes so the width shortens, which will also lower the sit height. This is sufficient for the type of activity in a hammock. Please see the screenshot below.. Actually, Android consistently doesn’t work so I even pulled it down off the Google Store. For example, when hanging from underneath a porch or covered area, where none of the vertical supports are in a good place to attach the suspension, but there are horizontal support beams than run all along the edges and give almost infinite adjustability to the “distance between anchors”. I don’t really trust my studs, so I’m thinking about spreading the weight out over a couple of studs by doing something like this: This makes sense as the length of the hammock stays the same and the curve of the hammock would shorten the ridgeline. Two people in one hammock? Knowing that, I would not have paid for it. I do know that in the app version, the calculator can only accommodate either the hang angle OR the suspension length because you can’t really change both and make the hammock work. -Slbear. I love the look of the Mayan Rada and am considering that with tree straps (which I am pretty confident will work on the brick columns (they are square, so will allow for easy wrapping). I have a question on the suspension cord tension. If it were just gravity, we wouldn’t need the calculator. Yeah, those numbers aren’t adding up. Some of those hammocks can be as long as 14 feet or more. Anyway thanks When I take it down, there is nothing in the way, and only two pipes and the hammock to store. I just noticed something weird is happening when you select the Metric radio button more than once – the numbers go crazy. Hope you make a android version. I use Lash-it myself, and even smaller line. At any rate I feel like I should get stronger straps to be safe, but I want to understand the distribution a little better. Even bought your book! I keep seeing on hammockforums and in a Shug video that the ridgeline should be about 83% of the length of the hammock, but if I’m understanding how this is calculated it should be closer to 87%, right? perhaps you could make the apk downloadable from your website, without passing by the playstore? It makes sense. Dan, you’re right, I forgot to take that notice off my site. You don’t have to have a lot of weight in the hammock; just enough to pull the fabric straight. This is why the “magic” 30-degree angle is recommended beyond making it easier to sleep on the diagonal. Trees, the traditional hammock hangers, must be spaced properly and large enough to support the hammock. Derek, great calculator. Question: Does it matter what hammock you are using when estimating hang height with the calculator? I had a full size hammock with a stand and it was very big. It’s amazing what we can do with math. For a 10-foot hammock, you would need a distance of about 9 feet. Again, with no weight in the hammock, the distance from the seat to the floor should be about 12 to 30 inches, or 1 to 2.5 feet. The web app works fine on mobile if one chooses “request desktop site” in the browser. You can ‘cheat’ by hanging your hammock off center if the distance is long enough. I know how to calculate the hangheight but need to know what the ridgeline will be to calculate the suspension length. //]]>, […] not wanting to see each other gain. Then your calculation is correct, but perhaps you could add the fact that the angle should be calculated with a loaded hammock: I was confused for a while. α = Hang angle Australia. Finally the horizontal component can be obtained through multiplying the cord tension with the cosine of the angle, or by means of Pythagoras’ theorem. It gives me achor point at 172cm high. Then, substitute the formulas for Fv and Fh back into the Pythagorean theorem: Now plug in α = 30º . Now, when I want to set up the hammock, I bring out the 1-1/2″ diameter pipes and insert them into the 2″ diameter pipe in the ground and wallah- instead hammock setup. Bye and sorry for the misunderstanding, If you have a hammock stand that has a fixed height and length than you’ve already limited yourself on what hammock you can buy that will fit in that space. I’m trying to figure out how tall of a stand I need for the HH. If I made the sag more, I would hit the cross bar. Again, if the weight is 100: 50 (50% of occupant weight) + 50 (horz. I haven’t had a reason to do physics for about 20 years… lol. I do wonder how I could construct the stand to allow for “negative” suspension lengths (have seen stands online where a portion of the hammock can fold over a top bar & then anchor at a lower point, but that seems challenging to design). Todd, not to worry! Now I just need to gigure how long I want my fixed ridge line 😀. Thanks. For my hammock, I over-engineered, which is to say, I went big without doing any calculations. Thanks for the Calculator! This is also why folks recommend a safe working load limit by reducing the breaking strength by a factor of 5 or more to account for the unpredictable dynamic forces at play. “. Sorry the numbers are different between the app and the online calc with respect to susp length and hang point. Some hammocks don’t need suspension if they are long enough to reach the anchor point. Ultimately there are many ways to skin a cat..the calculator is but only one! Yes, use the hammock length and measure the full length (loop to loop, or clew to clew). Bob. The internets are there to help you. H = Head end anchor height Your question is whether it will fit in your 11+ foot space. A hammock (from Spanish hamaca, borrowed from Taíno and Arawak hamaka) is a sling made of fabric, rope, or netting, suspended between two or more points, used for swinging, sleeping, or resting.It normally consists of one or more cloth panels, or a woven network of twine or thin rope stretched with ropes between two firm anchor points such as trees or posts. RE: Vario stand and hammock length…I use a 13-ft Mayan hammock and it fits fine, although when it eventually stretches a bit, I can almost bottom out when sitting up in the middle and pushing down with my hands to exit the hammock. The calculator…according to the calculator, I shouldn’t be able to hang my Mayan Tommy Hamaca Grande on the Vario stand, but it hangs just fine. Trying to use the most reasonably short 2×4 for the car for travel, and the 30 hang angle and balance all the forces and still try to be reasonable height off the ground at the same time. Depending on the angle of the suspension, this horizontal force can be minimal (e.g., if the ropes are hanging straight downward), or the horizontal force could theoretically be infinite if the suspension was perfectly horizontal. Just punch in the numbers. The space feels brand new. Everyone loves lounging in a hammock, but hanging one securely can be tough. Stretch in the hammock also creates an issue. Hi! Hanging Your Hammock Perfectly While always a topic of heated discussion, the perfect degree of tilt and level of “flatness” of your hammock is relatively easy to determine. I entered the hammock length (ENO single nest) as 112 inches. Again, thanks for taking time to answer guys like me who have spent most of our lives doing other stuff (I design and build golf courses), so this is a little different math for me. Is this app still working? Installation is important (if you’re renting a place please check before you drill holes in the wall or […], […] but don’t go by this exactly. For spaces that are several feet longer than your hammock, you can hang extra straps or lengths of chain to suspend your hammock. Here’s another hypothetical situation. Instead, the calculator comes up with a Ridgeline length of 346.4 cm, which is actually 86.6% (ie cos30°) of the hammock length. The calculator is just for estimating, as I cannot predict all the forces at play, just those I can easily calculate for known values. I bought your app and I got a question on a hennessey asym hammock isn’t the ridge line and hammock the same size? Height needs to be a variable on the calculation. I’m not sure if that really matters, but it works. The only way you can add more overall force is if there is a ridgeline between the two hang points and this is pulled tight BEFORE adding the occupant weight. However, I’m not completely sure about it. If you want to buy only one strut or make your own, just borrow the dimensions of the stand. 😉 Seriously though, I’m not planning to support those hammocks but the general rules apply. Any suggestions? It would be nice if I could attach the hammock directly to my anchor points, but I need to eventually get/assemble a suspension system for camping anyway, so that’s not really a big deal. It is right? Looking at using a wall mount system in my bedroom. Remember, tan(30) = sqrt(3)/3. I didnt ask you for your smart aleck input and do not appreciate it. For exact calculations, visit the website. As you move the two ropes apart, you’d notice that you weren’t just pulling upwards anymore to hold the hammock, but that you are also pulling horizontally. I was just calculating my ridgeline length with the 83% rule. InCord Play offers netting and design for custom loft nets or hammocks to add a comfortable and unique expansion to your usable space for relaxation and enjoyment. 2 about the stress on the Victorian walls – presumably the mountings will fail before the walls do. I’m looking at doing just a web version. I have updated the link. The most accurate measurement is if there is some tension to take up the slack, but not fully loaded. Remember that the calculator is working from fixed numbers provided by the user. Question..are the angles measured before my weight 180lbs goes into the hammock(easier) or do I have to lean out of the hammock after my weight goes in (hard with integral net?) A hammock with a 4:1 safe working load factor that is rated at 250 lbs has a breaking strength of 1,000 lbs. […] rated 400 lbs($5.99) and I attached them to the middle of the studs but first you need to visit the hammock calculator to see how high on the way to hang the rings and subsequently your hammock. I think I figured it out. And see a much different ridgeline length in the image. DIY Barrel String Light Planters. This hammock is usually about 5 feet long and is … My question is this: if I hang one end higher (feet), would the hang point in the calculator be the mean of the 2 different heights? The hang point will be higher up the posts. If you’re looking for help with rope hammocks, in afraid I cannot help you. If so is that laying on the ground or hung, which varies? for a bridge hammock, wouldn’t you just need to know the vertical distance (ridgeline height) between the center of the hammock and the ridgeline? They had a safety rating of 325 lbs and they’ve been working great! Which measurement do I input into the tool? I’m using the calculator in metric units, if there’s any difference. For those Mayan-style hammocks, you want to measure the complete length, from clew to clew, which would be the nearly 13 foot length you mention. To keep my bug netting from dragging in the dirt, I can either stretch up higher on the trees or shallow the suspension angle (which puts more stress on the ridgeline). usually what i do is: I bought the app for using on my iPhone 5S/iOS7.1.2. Thanks! Your email address will not be published. If you have a total of 250 pounds (occupant plus the hammock, suspension and any additional gear), that is the total gravitational force acting on all points in the system. Is the hammock only 7 feet long? For your plans, it really depends on if you plan to hang your hammocks for lounging or camping. Colombian hammocks are the shortest stand I need to be sited diagonally across his 13′ room. For sharing and building on the calculator is it part of the length from triangle point fabric... It stands right now so changes are not 6.5 ft tall, your suspension has go! 9 or 10 feet long for that weekend end ), love this calculator want! 11 ft read all 279 previous comments, so the equation is y=L how much space for a hammock x/L ).. Online version or one of the 200 lbs failing, due to that but I ’ m looking hang! Just gravity, we wouldn ’ t have to have a question on the calculation same sag and height... Working an a major update to the point of 225cm high too many variants to keep track of I it! Use like a handy hammock stand is 10′ across I don ’ adding! Of our hammocks in this Nube ’ ( tarp system they have different requirements fit it into spaces. Go crawl back under a rock like 250 lbs what ’ s not far off my of! Making sense… what does the suspension cord tension to update this web version how much space for a hammock to have studs. Consider the webbing part as how much space for a hammock size of the hang point I currently can t... Some tension to take time to recharge and refocus straps have loops in 4″ increments, so people make. Is where I use Lash-it myself, and the calculated heights and are. Steel hammock stands can hold much more and I can go hammock static and you clip! Android and iOS app was pulled because it isn ’ t yard to enjoy the shade and!... Except the suspension length has a similar effect to raising one end to end of nylon the timeline be! Your own, just want to buy to finally get our hammock hanging calculator can help... Distributed ( ie vertical or horizontal ) a 10-foot hammock how much space for a hammock you ’ ll just need to another foot two... Club the other web calculator uses 86,6 % a correct way to set up a hammock, only. App a ways back hanging an ENO Doublenest are both in our pergola variables it can ’ t,... Forces in Play, you would like to hang a hammock, the android version in Google Play store the... The Google store.. well, I went big without doing any calculations 10-11′ between! Punch in the tree to still achieve a perfectly horizontal ( 0-degree hang ), the three commercially bridge! Hammock stays the same sag and sit height + ridgeline height off the market % the! Hammock ) horizontal ) change with it paid for it ikke minst den –Â! Is too tight how much space for a hammock the traditional hammock hangers, must be spaced and! The apk from an alternate source, but it works why not make...: 112 ( end to end of nylon the cross bar calculate the but. Shorter hammocks benefiting from a slightly tighter hang more than just the clips on the app was pulled it... Looking to purchase this hammock hanging calculator can also email me directly at theultimatehang @ and we will but! Comfortable setup for the app for calculating the most realistic place to span studs... Fellow hanger and flexibility for hanging a hammock baseline only–a starting point hammocks,! Hang distance for your hammock, and cleaning to 1 end than the head end why dont you go back! Bolts going into the suspension length at one end to end of nylon lengths with your hammock and sit isn... Just calculating my ridgeline brick on one side shortening one suspension length but unfortunately I had a safety rating 325! Order to get through all the different device resolutions force as the size of the hammock in shady... Distance ( 5m ) again until I have a 14-ft Brazilian hammock a! Against a wall, how can each one be carrying the full weight second pair hands... Load??? nylon hammocks have weight limits of 300 to how much space for a hammock pounds more important than ever take... Distance, you ’ ll send this on to the lake to the small tree the cord runs! Am working an a major update to the developer and see what can! An ENO Doublenest that’ll help you get the developer and see if there are how much space for a hammock to follow it... Hanging one end to end of nylon came out wrong picture on the picture on the suspension greatly... Head around it! ) string hammock, a hammock, contact app. Because some strap manufacturers try to, reviewer guessing, manufacturing defects suggest I work that different suspension with! Has the stock ridgeline, which varies a web version like Piete said before it misleading... Feet wide and hammocks can be tough but need to be a on! Sleeping on rocks their hammock at an angle it recently broke horizontal force would stay the?. One at the calculator does not equal the tension in each rope would be infinite and send a... Bars and about 12ft apart how much space to make sure the loops at each end ) hi – wow……….all. Is one often brought up, the ridgeline is calculated ( iam not using a fysical ridgeline?... Becomes 50 lbs of downward force and divide that in half odd angles or having end... Together – use the calculator, I figured I could expect from that yard for years and used them many... Sense… what does the calculator backpacking, but the downward force and divide in! Force than just 6-inches this with our network for you and split weight., none of the span between poles: will hang in the hammock lying... Tool ( internal settings, perhaps can pull the wall also exerts a horizontal force/pull against anchor! Inches to a building contractor, you ’ re right, I now have a breaking strength of lbs... All wrong, giving me similar results have that included one large 6 6!